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mueller apples


Wealthy - Early September: Red striped apple with firm white flesh. Excellent cooking, good eating.

Gala - Early September: Firm, sweet, crisp. Excellent eating apple.


Macintosh - Mid-September: Old favorite. Good eating and cooking.


Greening - Old Variety: Hard green apples are very good for cooking and fair eating.


Jonathan - Old Variety: Firm, tart, crisp, good eating, excellent cooking.


Honeycrisp - Newer Variety: Excellent eating apple. Very crisp and juicy. Good sugar-acid balance.


Empire - Cross between Red Delicious Macintosh: Hard red apple, good eating, and cooking.



Golden Delicious - Old Variety: Very good eating and cooking apple.

Snow - Old Variety: Small bright red apple with snow white flesh. Every old farm had a Snow tree.

Red Delicious- Old Standby: At one time the most popular eating apple.

Ida Red: Very good eating and cooking apple. Red on a green background.

Winesap - Old Variety: Very hard red apple, excellent cooking, and good eating. Hard and Juicy.

Granny Smith: Hard green apple, good eating, and cooking. Makes a great sauce.

Northern Spy: Your grandmother's favorite pie apple! Excellent late eating apple.

At Mueller's Orchard, we also grow our own special early Gala which has exceptional flavor. 
We also grow a limited number of Blondee, Steele's Red, and Tolman Sweet.

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