mueller apples

WEALTHY....Early September. Red striped apple with firm white flesh. Excellent cooking, good eating.

Gala Early Sept....Firm, sweet, crisp. Excellent eating apple.

Macintosh....Sept 10th. Old favorite. Good eating and cooking.

Greening...Old Variety. Hard green apple very good for cooking,fair eating.

Jonathan...Old variety. Firm, tart, crisp, good eating, excellent cooking.

Honeycrisp...Newer variety. Excellent eating apple. Very crisp and juicy. Good sugar acid balance.

Empire...Cross between Red Delicious Macintosh. Hard red apple, good eating and cooking.


Golden Delicious...Old Variety. very good eating and cooking apple.

Snow.....Old variety. Small bright red apple with snow white flesh. Every old farm had a Snow tree.

Red Delicious...Old standby. At one time the most popular eating apple.

Ida Red...Very good eating and cooking apple.Red on green bacground.

Winesap....Old variety...very hard red apple, excellent cooking and good eating. Hard and Juicy.

Granny Smith...Hard green apple. good eating and cooking. Makes great sauce.

Northern Spy....Your grandmother's favorite pie apple! Excellent late eating apple.

At Muellers orchard we also grow our own special early Gala which has exceptional flavor. We grow a limited number of Blondee, Steele's Red and Tolman Sweet.